NEAR Shirt-Stay
NEAR Shirt-Stay
NEAR Shirt-Stay
NEAR Shirt-Stay
NEAR Shirt-Stay

NEAR Shirt-Stay

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Every man has experienced the frustration of the shirt coming untucked throughout the day - sometimes over and over again. And it sucks because a sloppy tuck or the "muffin top" look completely ruin your style.  

So how do you stop your shirt from coming untucked all the time?

WHAT 'S The NEAR Shirt-Stay?
The NEAR Shirt-Stay is a slim-profile belt designed to hold your shirt in place, similar to the way a regular belt holds up your trousers. When slipped on, the belt will secure your shirt in place and always keep it tucked, ensuring you can look sharp no matter how much you move all throughout the day. Heck, you can remove your pants for whatever reason and the shirt will remain in perfect position.

NEAR can be used for dress shirts, polo’s, t-shirts and blouses. Designed for both men and women who demand the very best of their appearance.

This can include (but is not limited to):

  • Estate agents
  • Lawyers
  • Bank staff & administration
  • Insurance clerks
  • Restaurant staff
  • Police officers
  • Managers
  • Security staff
  • Hotel professionals
  • Politicians and public servants
  • Event engineers
  • Consultants
  • IT helpdesk staff & system administrators

Easily adjustable* and containing a unique locking mechanism, once you see how good you look you'll never leave home without it!

Size:2.50CMx120CM( 1inch x 47.2inch) Adjustable
Material: nylon

Quality Service
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